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Major Season 5 ep 14 / includes full summary

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Just got finished watching the episode (couldn't catch it live).

Miho ends up telling Kaoru everything. Kaoru and Goro decide on trying to keep the two separated, but a chance encounter at a park brings Toshiya and Miho face-to-face.

The meeting is too much for Toshiya and he passes out from an anxiety attack. And then we find out Domoto isn't going to be ready in time for the game against Cuba.

Will Toshiya be ready to start the game against Cuba? And what's really going on between Toshiya and Miho?


The episode begins with the last few moments of the previous episode.

Opening credits.


Kaoru and Miho are in their hotel room.

Miho: Seven years I was separated from my older brother because of my parents.

Flashback sequence begins. Miho is in the back seat of a car packed with her families' belonging. Her father is driving and her mother sits in the passenger seat.

Miho: Why? Why do I have to go to a new school tomorrow? I don't like this. I want to go home.

Father: I thought I told you, we aren't going back home. And we won't be seeing Toshiya anymore.

Miho: What? I thought he was going to join us later? Dad?! Mom?!

Mom: Please, be quiet!

Fast-forward a few years. Miho is now older. She is standing, looking into a dark room where her mother is slumped over a table.

Miho: What's wrong mom? Did you have another fight with dad?

Mom: I'm sorry Miho. Dad probably won't be returning anymore. But it's ok. I'll work and pay back every penny that dad borrowed.

Miho: Maybe we can live with Toshiya again. Just like the old days, the three of us can live together.

Mom: Please Miho, stop. I don't have any right to see my son again. Please don't make me any sadder.

The flashback ends and we're now back in the hotel room.

Miho: Ever since then I haven't been able to talk about Toshiya again. But I still cheered Toshiya on in secret.

Another brief flashback. Shots of Toshiya at the Koshien and then when he turned pro.

Miho (voice-over): I've been following his career on TV, from his days at the Koshien, to his days after he turned pro. I've watched along just as if I were with him, nervous and excited. <a shot of airplane tickets on the kitchen table> But my mother knew.

Miho: What's this mom?

Mom: Tickets to Los Angeles. You've been following your brother, haven't you? I want you to go watch your brother play for Japan with your own eyes.

Back in the hotel room.

Miho: ...and so it's true that I came to cheer on my brother. But if I think of my brother's feelings, I just can't face him yet.

A shot of the player's hotel from the outside.

Shigeno: It's about our game against Cuba the day after tomorrow. In a word, they're a tough team to breakdown. They don't really have any big name players. They've managed to get here by winning close games. If anything, they're probably very similar to us. They have good movement and solid defense... You can say that they're good at small baseball. From a long time ago, they've never had any real competition. They're experiences from past tournaments definitely puts them at the top. It's going to be a tough battle, but we've come this far so winning it all is our only option. Let's play together as a team and advance to the finals.

The team meeting is over. Goro and Toshiya are walking back to their rooms.

Goro: So, Cuba is going to take advantage of their speed and run the base paths? Sounds like the catcher's going to be busy.

Toshiya: Yeah, but from what I've heard, Domoto's leg is a lot better so I might end up only being a DH.

Goro: What?! Really? Damn, if only he would have just stayed hurt until the end.

Out of nowhere, Domoto kicks Goro in the back.

Domoto: Did you say something?

Shigeno: Hey Goro! I'm going to be sitting down with the advance scouts so I can't really get away. Sorry to throw this on you, but can you go to the airport and pick them up?

Goro: Pick them up? Who?

At the airport. Goro leaning up against a wall, looking down at the ground.

Momoko: Goro! Goro!

Momoko and Shingo are waving their hands.

In a taxi cab.

Goro: No one told me that you guys were coming to America. Why all of a sudden?

Momoko: It isn't all of a sudden. My husband and son are involved in a big tournament, how could I miss it? I had decided from the start that I'd come if you guys made it into the semifinals.

Goro sighs. Momoko suddenly grabs Goro by the collar.

Momoko: But what are you saying?! That you don't want your mother cheering you on? That I'll get in the way?

Goro: Wow! I'm so happy you're here!

Momoko: But maybe there was somebody else that wanted to see you more than me... Shingo wanted so badly to see you pitch.

Shingo is blushing.

Goro: Shingo...

Shingo: Goro... <extends two baseballs to his brother> Can you get Kyoshiro and Itao's signature for me?!

Goro (while playfully karate chopping Shingo's head): So is that what you're REALLY after?

Momoko (voice-over): Actually, he's really here for the amusement park.

Back at the player's hotel.

Goro is talking to Kaoru on the phone.

Goro: Yeah, I was really surprised because they came all of a sudden. Oh, and Shingo said to say hi to the curry-girl. ...What?

Cut to lobby of the hotel where Kaoru is staying. She's at the front desk talking on the phone with Goro.

Goro (voice through the phone): Are you serious?!

Kaoru: Yeah. Miho told me that she's Toshiya's younger sister. <a shot of Miho in the tub soaking> But she said that she's only here to cheer him on but doesn't feel like meeting him in person right now. <close-up shot of Miho face from the side> It seems like she's afraid of meeting him. <back to a shot of Kaoru on the phone> So it's our job to make sure the two don't meet.

Back in Goro's room.

Goro: Yeah... Of course, I won't tell him anything. Yeah, ok. Talk to you later.

Goro hangs up the phone.

Goro (voice-over): I just found out something I didn't really want to know.


The next day. Kaoru and Miho are sitting on a park bench, eating lunch.

Kaoru: I'm sorry about making you have to eat all this fast food junk with me. It's just that I don't have a lot of money.

Miho: Please, don't worry. It's not like I've got all that much money either.

Kaoru: Hey Miho, maybe you can write Toshi-kun a letter when you get back to Japan?

Miho: huh?

Kaoru: Meeting him all of a sudden might be a little awkward, so writing him a letter first, to let him know what you're feeling... That'll also give Toshi-kun a chance to gather his thoughts.

Miho: But I don't know what I'd write. My parents only took me...

Kaoru: It'll be alright. I'm sure Toshi-kun will understand. Besides, you didn't do anything wrong. Just take that first step and write that letter.

Miho: Yes.

Off in the distance, Goro and Toshiya are seen approaching. They are jogging.

Miho turns and notices them. Kaoru turns to see what Miho is looking at. Miho recognizes Toshiya and is taken aback.

Goro and Toshiya see Kaoru and Miho. Goro lets out a surprised grunt.

Kaoru stands up.

Kaoru: What?!

Toshiya: Oh, it's you Shimizu-san.

Kaoru: To-To-Toshi-kun!

Goro (nervously): What are you two doing (here)?

Kaoru: That's the same question I want to ask you two.

A chance encounter in a park...

Toshiya: What's this? Who are you?

Kaoru and Goro freeze.

A close-up of Miho from the side. She's holding back.

Toshiya: Have we met before?

Kaoru: Yeah, maybe you have! She's a fan of yours. You've probably seen her at the ball park.

Toshiya: Oh... So this is Shimizu-san's friend, the one we were supposed to have dinner with last night?

Goro (searching for words): uh, er, yeah...

Toshiya extends his hand toward Miho.

Toshiya: I hear you came all the way from Japan to watch. Thank you.

Miho extends her hand. They shake hands.

Miho (voice-over): Why? <flashback of images of the two playing when they were younger> Did you forget about me, big brother!?

Goro: Hey Toshi. We have to get going. We need to be at the stadium.

Toshi (looking at Miho): It was nice meeting you.

Goro and Toshiya turn away to head towards the stadium.

Kaoru and Miho are watching as they jog away.

Kaoru: That's right, you guys were separated when you were still in primary school. Aren't you glad that he didn't recognize you?

Miho begins to tear up. She suddenly gets up.

Miho: Toshiya (big brother)!

Goro and Toshiya stop. Goro looks back in surprise. Miho catches up to them. Toshiya is still looking forward.

Miho: Toshiya (big brother), it's me. Miho Sato! I'm your little sister!

Goro turns to look at Toshiya. Kaoru has also caught up with them.

Kaoru: Cat's out of the bag...

Toshiya (still looking forward): Little sister? You must be mistaken. <finally turns his head towards Miho, with dead eyes> I don't have a little sister, or parents.

Those eyes are dead I tell ya!

Miho is shocked.

Goro: What are you saying Toshi! You had a little sister, didn't you?

Toshiya: Let's go, Goro.

Goro (grabbing Toshiya's shoulders): It's because you didn't recognize her that she came out to tell you. How can you <Toshiya begins to act strangely> forget something like...

Toshiya grabs at his chest. He's having a hard time breathing. He crumples to the ground.

Toshiya grabs at his chest and passes out...

Goro: Toshi! What's the matter Toshi!

Miho stands frozen.

At an area hospital. In the hallway. Miho and Kaoru are standing up against the wall on the left. Sasaki and another coach are standing against the wall on the right.

Shigeno comes running on to the scene.

Shigeno: Skipper! Is it true that Sato passed out?

Sasaki: Yeah. The team doctor and a Japanese doctor are taking a look at him right now. It doesn't seem life-threatening.

The door to Toshiya's room opens. The two doctors and Goro come out of the room.

Shigeno: Doctor, how's he doing?

Doctor: It seems he's settled down now. His blood pressure and pulse have dropped back to normal levels.

Shigeno (sounding relieved): Oh, that's good to hear.

Doctor: But he's going to need some rest. After talking to Shigeno-kun (Goro), I think there's a good chance that an encounter caused Sato-kun to remember things he has locked away in his mind for many years. Some sort of horrible traumatic experience in the past.

Shigeno: Something in the past? What's that?

Doctor: That's a private matter so I'm not at liberty to say anything more at the moment.

Miho is shocked.

Miho (voice-over): It's my fault.

Doctor: Let's see how he does after tonight. Right now though, based on how he's doing, I don't think he'll be able to play against Cuba tomorrow.

Kaoru realizes that Miho is no longer by her side.

Kaoru: Miho-chan!?


Fade in from black. A blurry hospital ceiling comes into focus. Toshiya is lying in bed. His eyes are slowly opening.

Toshiya (voice-over): Where am I?

He sits up in the bed.

Toshiya (voice-over): That's right. I started feeling some pain in my chest and passed out.

Flashback sequence to the park where Miho is calling out to Toshiya.

Toshiya (voice-over): My little sister... My little sister Miho... We were separated by our parents 7 years ago... She appeared in front of me, so far away from home....

Flashback sequence ends.

Toshiya (voice-over): I don't really remember what happened after that. I think I remember saying something to Miho, but I can't remember what.

Toshiya goes over to the door to his room and opens it. The hallway is pitch-black. He steps into the hallway and looks down the corridor.

Toshiya (voice-over): No one there. That's right, I need to go to practice. I've got the semifinals tomorrow.

Toshiya hears the faint sound of footsteps approaching -- it's Miho flanked by their parents.

What happened to our cute Miho?

Miho: Toshiya (big brother).

Toshiya: Miho! Dad! Mom!

Miho: Sorry about leaving you all alone back then. But I'm finally able to come and get you.

Toshiya: Really? But now?

Miho: Toshiya (big brother), professional baseball players are rich, right?

Toshiya: huh?

Mom: For what other reason, other than money, would we come to see you, Toshiya?

Dad: No one loves you.

Miho and Toshiya's parent's voices continue to repeat his name. Toshiya screams out.

Goro slides open the door to Toshiya's room. Toshiya is sitting up in bed, breathing out heavily -- he was having a nightmare.

Goro: Hey, are you ok Toshi?! I'll go get the doctor, sit tight!

Toshiya: Wait Goro-kun! I'm ok. Don't worry. I just had a bad dream.

A shot of clouds in the sky flowing by Toshiya's window.

Toshiya: This isn't the first time I've suffered an attack like this. For 2-3 years after my parents and sister left me, I was always having palpitations and dizzy spells. But never did I think that my sister would appear. I was just really surprised.

Goro: So it isn't that you forgot about your sister?

Toshiya: Forget? Of course not. It's just that whenever I would remember things about my family, I'd have the attacks. So I just tried to force myself to forget. But none of this is Miho's fault.

Someone knocks on the door. Goro gets up to see who it is.

Goro and Kaoru are talking outside of Toshiya's room.

Goro: What?!

Kaoru: I thought Miho-chan might be back at the hotel so I checked. But she wasn't there. I did find this note.

Goro takes the note from Kaoru and reads it.

Miho (voice-over reading the note): Sorry for the sudden notice. I'm going to return to Japan. You can stay at the hotel for 3 more days. Please take advantage of it. Thank you for everything. Miho Sato.

Kaoru: I think Miho-chan must be thinking that she was the cause of Toshi-kun's attack.

Goro: uh, er... Well, that's actually what DID happen.

Kaoru: What are you saying!? That doesn't mean we should just let her go back to Japan. If she leaves now, she'll never want to see Toshi-kun again. <Toshiya's shadow appears in the door window> She's been worried about Toshi-kun all this time and she came all the way to America to see him play. All she wants is to have a normal relationship with her brother. This is just too sad! It's too much!

Goro: Shimizu... Ok, then let's go to the airport.

Kaoru: What?

Goro: There still might be time. Let's try to find her and keep her from going back.

Just as the two are about to head off, the door to Toshiya's room slides open.

Toshiya: Wait! I'm going with you.

Kaoru: Toshi-kun!

Goro: Were you listening?

Toshiya: I didn't realize Miho was watching me play all this time. I thought she had forgotten about me by now. And I wasn't even able to recognize her. And to top it off, I had that attack...

Goro: Wait a minute there Toshi. You still need more rest. If you have another attack...

Toshiya: Thank you Goro-kun and Shimizu-san. But this is something I need to face. For me... And for my sister.

At the airport. Shots of the three looking for Miho.

The sun is now beginning to set. Goro and Kaoru are sitting on an airport bench. Toshiya is walking towards them, with his head hung low.

Goro: No luck?

Toshiya: Yeah. I didn't see her in the group of people getting on the last flight to Japan either.

Goro: I see. But there's not much more we can do now. We did what we could. When you get back to Japan, drop her a line.

Toshiya: If I could do that, I wouldn't have gone through all this trouble.

Goro: huh?

Toshiya: My parents left without updating their certificate of residence. So unless my sister tries to contact me again, there's nothing I can do.

Toshiya looks very sad. Goro and Kaoru are at a loss of words.

Toshiya: Thank you Goro-kun and Shimizu-san. The two of you can leave now. Goro, you've got a game tomorrow and you need to be ready.

Kaoru: What about you, Toshi-kun?

Toshiya: I'll stick around here until tomorrow morning. If it's a sudden ticket change, it's possible that she didn't fly out today. Even if it's only a small chance, I'll take it.

Kaoru: Then I'll wait in your place. Don't you also have a game tomorrow, Toshi-kun?

Toshiya: Game... Oh right, but it's ok. Besides, it looks like Domoto-san will be able to play. They'll probably just treat me like a patient anyway.

Goro's eyes light up.

Toshiya: This is my problem.

He turns to walk away, but Goro can't stay quiet any longer.

Goro: Wait a minute Toshi. It's ok? What do you mean by that?! How can you call yourself an All-Japan player! It's true, you might not be in the starting line-up tomorrow. But as long as you can move, shouldn't you be getting ready for the game? Isn't that what it means to be pro?

Toshiya suddenly realizes what he's doing and balls up his fist.

Kaoru: Ho-Honda! Don't you think Toshi-kun knows that? But unless he does something now, he might not ever be able to see Miho-chan again. Why don't you think about Toshi-kun's feelings?!

Toshiya: I'm sorry. It's just as Goro says. Something must have been wrong with me. It's not ok. And Miho has most likely already left...

Goro: Hey Toshi, this isn't the end. You can always call out to her in an interview... There are other ways. Especially if you really want to see her again. And if that girl is really sad, then your job as an older brother... <Goro reaches out and puts his hand on Toshiya's shoulder> to go out there and show her that you're ok by playing in tomorrow's game.

Tears begin to roll down Toshiya's cheeks.

Goro: Let's beat Cuba... No, let's beat America and become champs of the world! Then we can update Miho on the good news.

Back at the team hotel. Shigeno and Sasaki are upset that Goro and Toshiya slipped away.

Shigeno: What the heck have you two been up to! Why did the patient leave the hospital? Where have you been?!

Toshiya: I'm sorry. I had a private matter that I needed to attend to.

Shigeno: Private matter!? And here we were worried about what to do with you tomorrow.

Goro: Hey dad, I think we get it! Slipping out of the hospital should only prove to you that Toshiya is feeling much better. And if it's as a DH, that won't be a problem. Right? <looking over at Toshiya>

Toshiya: Uh, yeah.

Shigeno: But that's the problem. It seems Domoto's leg still isn't 100%. He was pushing himself too much because he wanted to play.

Sasaki: In order to stop Cuba's running game, the team needs your arm. Do you think you can start, Sato?!

Toshiya (now looking determined): Yes, I'm ready!

Back at the airport. Kaoru is looking up at a clock -- it shows that it's now 10:50pm.

Kaoru (voice-over): I wonder if she managed to get a on plane today. Maybe I should go back to the hotel and come back again early in the morning.

Kaoru turns away from the clock and heads towards the entrance. Miho enters the frame pushing her suitcase. Kaoru notices her.

Kaoru: Miho-chan! <Miho turns to run away> Wait, don't run away!

Kaoru catches up to Miho.

Kaoru: It's ok, the attack wasn't your fault, so you don't have to feel responsible. And Toshi-kun said that he might even be ready to play in tomorrow's game. <Kaoru places both her hands on Miho's shoulders> Toshi-kun was really worried that he might have hurt your feelings. He was here until just a little while ago, looking for you.

Miho: My brother was?

Kaoru: Let's just return to the hotel for the time being. It isn't good for you to spend the night in a place like this.

Tears begin to well up in Miho's eyes -- she starts to cry.


The next day. A shot of the player's hotel from the outside.

Goro and Toshiya are in the hallway talking.

Toshiya: Miho's been found?

Goro: Yeah, Shimizu gave me a call and told me that she convinced Miho to return to the hotel.

Toshiya: Really. That's good to hear. So she never boarded a plane yesterday.

Goro: ...But she doesn't intend on meeting you right now. She said she can't meet you if there's a possibility you might have another attack. But I did get her contact information in Japan. <Goro hands Toshiya a folder piece of paper>

Toshiya: Goro-kun, do you know the number of the hotel where the two of them are staying?


A shot of a ringing phone. Miho is in bed. She turns and looks at the phone. Miho sits up and answers the phone.

Miho: Hallo (in English).

Toshiya: Hello, is this Miho?

Miho: Toshiya?!

Fade to black.

End Credits.

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